Windows PC / Laptop Virus Removal Service Flowermound Texas

Is your laptop infected by virus and is running slow or you have unwanted pop-us? Bring it to Mac Tech PC Service to get your Laptop diagnosed and have your computer clean and free of any viruses.

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Over 10 + years of experience on tech repair service . worried about your laptop, slow performance, virus attack or something else? our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians is capable of solving all sorts of issues related to your computer. provides the best diagnostic, repair and upgrade services in the dallas fort-worth metroplex at amazingly affordable prices we provide computer repair, upgrade, and support services

We service all make and models : computer repair, support and upgrade services for apple imac®, apple macbook pro®, macbook air®, apple macbook®, Microsoft surface Windows computer , hp envy®, hp pavillion®, lenovo yoga®, lenovo thinkpad®, lenovo ideapad®, dell inspiron®, dell 2 in 1®, dell latitude®, dell xps®, microsoft surface®, microsoft surface book®, surface pro x®, asus rog®, asus zenbook®, huawei matebook®, razerblade pro® and many more.

Basic No Power Windows Computer troubleshooting Steps

1 Check all the connections

2 Make sure the power supply is working properly

3 Make sure all the fan are running

4 Make sure the RAM sticks are inserted properly and connected to the board.

5 Check if any of the lights on the motherboard are on (CPU light, DRAM Light, VGA light, Boot light)

How much does a computer repair service cost?

  • The cost to repair your computer depends on the issue. Please bring your device to the store where our experts will diagnose your device and give you an exact quote on your repair.

How long does it take to repair windows computer?

  • Computer repairs can take anywhere from few days to few weeks depending on the issue of your particular device.

How do I make myself ready to fix my computer? Anything I need to make sure before taking it to a repair shop?

  • First thing is for you to take it to a place where you trust them with your device. Make sure everything is backed up before you take it to a repair place. Keep your personal files safe and make it easy to accessible to access your device. 

Can I use regular PCs for Gaming purposes?

  • The answer is No. However, if you upgrade your regular PC to meet the demands and specifications of the games you will be able to play games in your regular PCs

Should I service my computers?

  • Yes, we highly recommend you to service your computer. A small diagnostics to check your device can help you a lot when it comes to your computer run time, longevity and performance in a long run.