iPad Repair Service Flowermound Texas.

iPads are day-to-day use devices which are easy to use and convenient to carry. But due to heavy use or by accident, numerous issues may arise. At Mac tech PC Service, we provide solutions to every issue related to iPad. From cracked screen to battery/power issues, we do it all.

Apple iPad Repair Service Flower Mound , TX

If you are having any issues with your iPad, visit Mac Tech PC Service and get your iPad fixed by our experienced technicians at an affordable price with warranty.


iPad Cracked Screen/Digitizer Replacement

Cracked Screen on an iPad can be really annoying and risky as well. And, sometimes when the screen cracks, it can damage the digitizer as well. A digitizer is a layer underneath the glass which converts touch input into digital signal. Damage to this layer causes ghost touch or sometimes the touch function doesn’t work.

iPad Cracked Screen Replacement Service

If you are experiencing such issues with your iPad, bring it to Mac Tech PC Service to get the screen/digitizer on your iPad replaced.

iPad LCD Replacement

The display or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Lies underneath the glass of your iPad. In some cases when the glass cracks, it tends to damage the LCD as well. If there is no display, there are black spots/marks on the display, there are lines running across the display, etc., it means the LCD on your iPad is damaged and needs to be replaced.

iPad Battery Replacement

iPads use rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and with use over-time they tend to degrade. After a certain amount of cycles (usually 1000 cycles), the batteries don’t hold the charge for very long and you need to keep charging the iPad and eventually the iPad may not even power on.

If you feel like your iPad is dying too fast, you need to get the battery replaced immediately. At Mac Tech PC Service, we are well equipped to service your iPad and get your battery replaced with warranty at a reasonable price.

iPad Charging Port Replacement

Due to power surge , water damage or deposition on debris inside the port, your iPad may not charge when plugged in. Although there could be other reasons why your iPad is not charging, a damaged charging port is one of them. While some iPads have charging port simply plugged in to the logic board, some of them are micro soldered onto the board.

So, If such problem has occurred to you, bring in your iPad to Mac Tech PC Service and get it diagnosed and repaired by certified professionals.

iPad Logic Board Repair

Logic board is the main circuit board of an iPad it allows the components to interact with each other. When a logic board fails, the communication between the components is lost and hence the system crashes. Logic board failure can happen due to power surge, water damage and other reasons. If you are experiencing something unusual with your iPad or if your iPad is not turning on at all, it could be due to logic board issues.

Apple iPad Logic Board Repair Service Flower Mound , TX

At Mac Tech PC Service we do logic board repairs on all models of iPads.

iPad Camera Repair

One of the many functions of an iPad is taking pictures. An iPad has 2 cameras: a rear camera and a front camera. If either of those stop working and you can’t take a picture, it can be really annoying. While sometimes such problems can be fixed with a simple software update, sometimes it requires a hardware replacement.

iPad camera repair flowermound, Texas

iPad Audio Jack Repair

Although most of the newer iPads don’t have an audio jack, majority of older iPads do have an audio jack. An audio jack is where you would plug in your headphones and due to known or unknown reasons, sometimes it stops working. In such case, you need to get it replaced with the help of a professional.

iPad audio jack repair flowermound, Texas

At Mac Tech PC Service, we have certified technicians who are well equipped to service your iPads and fix any issues related to iPads. If you are having any issues with your iPad, call us or stop by to get your device fixed. We provide limited warranty on all our repairs.

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