Service For 2019 Apple iMac Upgrade . Clear communication, safe delivery and fast repair. Would not hesitate to use again . Excellent Results .


They did a great job fixing my iMac that wouldn’t turn on. The service was really great and fast. I would highly recommend Mac Tech PC service.


Went in with a cracked screen on my iPhone 11. The guy who helped me was really helpful and got my phone fixed in about 10 minutes. I am really glad I found this place.


Mac Tech PC service is really a life saver. I spilled coffee all over my MacBook and wouldn’t power on. I bought a new computer but I had really important files in my old computer so I took it to Mac Tech PC service and they recovered all my files from the computer and transferred it to my new computer. They were very knowledgeable and professional and now I know where to go for any tech needs.


I took my all in one PC that had a cracked screen to them and they fixed it the next day. Really fast and professional. Would definitely recommend.


I had a 2012 MacBook Pro which was really slow and really wouldn’t let me do anything so I took it to Mac tech pc service. Nick explained to me the reasons why a laptop would be slow like that and took it in for diagnostic. A few hours later he called me and told me that the hard drive was bad and suggested me to get it replaced which we did and now my laptop is running like new. Nick was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and he will be my go to guy for any repairs.


Very professional and helpful. Quick turnaround time too.


They replaced the hard drive on my iMac and now my iMac works better than new. Highly recommend this place.


I brought in my MacBook air with a cracked screen. They were reasonably priced and fixed my MacBook in a couple of hours. Great service.


Fixed my iPad that was not charging the next day. Fast and professional service.


I was recommended this place by a friend so I took my laptop here to get fixed and I am glad I did. They ordered the part and had my laptop fixed the next day. Great service and quick turnaround time.


They fixed my iPhone X screen in 10 minutes and also gave me a free screen protector. Great people and awesome service. 10/10


My MacBook was stuck at apple logo and would not boot up. I took it to Mac tech pc service and they identified and fixed the problem in a matter of hours. I cannot stress enough how knowledgeable and helpful Kay was. If you have any issues with your computers go and check these guys out.


I had a galaxy S10 with a shattered screen. They replaced the screen and the back glass and made my phone look like brand new and on top of that they also hooked me up with a free screen protector.


I dropped my external hard drive and was not able to access any data so I took it to Mac tech pc service to get the data recovered. The process took a couple days but I was kept updated and as promised I got all my data back. I really appreciate their communication and service and would use them again for sure.


The keyboard on my MacBook Pro was not working and Mac tech pc service fixed it the same day. Quality and fast service. I highly recommend this place.


My MacBook was not turning on and I didn’t know what was wrong with it. When I took it to Mac tech PC service, Kay did a quick diagnosis and found out that it just needed a new charging port and he even got it replaced in about 30 minutes. Really appreciate the honesty and how quick they fixed my laptop.


They fixed my computer quick at a great price. Best computer service in town!!


Took in my dell laptop to get fixed. It was fixed the next day at an affordable price. Would recommend.


My gaming PC was going to the blue screen every time I tried to boot up. I did some research and tried to reinstall windows and tried to replace my hard drive but nothing seemed to work, so I decided to take it to Mac tech PC service. They found out what the issue was and fixed it by the next day. Fast quality service and reasonably priced.


They fixed my daughters iPhone in 15 minutes. Excellent service . would recommend.


Excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff. Nick was really helpful and got my MacBook pros’s screen fixed in a couple of hours. I would definitely recommend this place for any electronics repair.


I noticed this place when I was going to the bakery next door for lunch and decided to drop off my cracked iPhone X for repair. It was ready when I went there after lunch and also got a free screen protector and 3 month warranty. They did a great job on my phone and would recommend this business to anyone who needs their phone fixed.


I had a great experience at this place. I went in to get my iMac fixed. Nick was super friendly and very knowledgeable and explained the whole process and got my device fixed in a matter of days. I will use them again for any repair needs.


I own a printing business and had problems with a few of my computers. I called Mac tech PC service and scheduled an appointment. They came to my business at scheduled time and got my devices fixed in a few hours. Very professional and trustworthy.


Took in an iMac and a gaming PC to get upgraded. Nick was really helpful and we discussed the possible and best upgrade options for my devices and Nick had both of my devices upgraded the next day. Definitely give this place a visit if you have any tech needs.


I broke the charging port on my laptop. I myself do simple repairs so I tried to replace the charging port myself but it was soldered to the motherboard. So I took it to Mac Tech PC service and soldered the charging port right away and the price was also very reasonable. If you want quick, reliable and affordable service, go to Mac tech PC service.


I was in the city for a week and I cracked my MacBook’s screen and I was leaving the next day. Took it to Mac Tech PC service because they were really close from where I was staying, and they got my screen replaced while I waited there. I really appreciate Nick for such a great service and I am really glad I found this place.


Excellent service. Did a great job on my cracked iPhone 8 Plus. They also work on computers, laptops and tablets.


My MacBook shut off all of a sudden and wouldn’t power back on. I am a student and I really needed my laptop fixed ASAP. Mac Tech PC service really went above and beyond to make get my laptop fixed the same day. Thank you so much for for such a great service.


My old phone wouldn’t power on and I needed to get the pictures off of it. I tried a couple repair shops but no luck. I took it to Mac tech PC service and Nick did a quick diagnosis and found out that it simply needed a new battery. He installed the battery and transferred the pictures to my new phone in just a few hours while others couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with my phone. They are really good at what they do and now I know where to go if I need help with any of my electronics.


Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. They did a great job replacing a cracked screen on my iPad Pro.


I spilled water all over my MacBook Air and my laptop wouldn’t power on. I brought it to Mac tech pc service and they explained the process to me and took it in for diagnostic and cleanup. I got a phone call the next day saying my laptop is working after the cleanup and didn’t charge me anything extra. I was really impressed by their honesty and fast service.


Fast and affordable service. They replaced the battery on my iPad and did a great job.


I used them to build my custom gaming PC. They are reasonably priced and very knowledgeable.


I dropped my laptop and completely broke the display. I took it to Mac tech pc service to get it fixed and I needed it the same day because I work online and can’t do it without my laptop. They had to order the part for it which would take a couple of days so they gave me a loner laptop while we waited for parts and they got it fixed as soon as the part arrived. They were very helpful and provided a great service. I would recommend them to anyone who need their electronics fixed.


My MacBook Pro wouldn’t power on and I took it to a place where they told me that I needed a new motherboard and was really expensive. I decided to try a different place so I took it to Mac tech pc service. They took it in for diagnosis and they told me that it was just the charging port and was way cheaper than what I was quoted at the other place. I really appreciate their honesty and from my experience they are there to actually help their customers rather than to just rip them off like some other places.


Great prices and quality service. They replaced the battery on my iPhone in less than 10 minutes and gave me a 6 month warranty. Would recommend.


Very responsive, professional and reasonably priced. I called them for a in-home service to get my PC repaired and they did a great job.


I had a 2015 MacBook Pro which was running really slow and would take forever to load. Nick quickly found out that my drive was almost full and we decided to upgrade the storage. He installed the new drive and transferred all my data to the new drive by the next day. Super fast service and really friendly staff.


My MacBook was not charging and I had no idea what was wrong with it. When I took it to Mac tech pc service, they quickly determined that my charger was faulty and just needed a new one. I really appreciate their honesty and they saved me a great deal of money and time. Thank you so much guys.