Flower Mound Texas , I spilled water on my MacBook! What can I do to fix it ?

Computer Store Flower Mound Texas | I spilled water on my MacBook! What can I do to fix it? Liquid Spill on my MacBook what to aspect ? is my data safe ? can i turn on my laptop ?

Damage to Mac computers and accessories due to liquid exposure is not covered by the Apple One Year Limited Warranty Once MacBook water damage has occurred, the liquid will likely make its way to the logic board and other components. Even a small amount of water is enough to cause permanent damage to your MacBook.The liquid’s minerals and salts immediately begin to eat away at the metal, silicone and fiberglass components. Often, the Mac will work for a few days after the spill and then stop working.

MacBook Air Tear Down & Replacement Parts after Liquid Damage Inspection & Cleaning .

Board Connectors
Board ICs
Bottom Cases
Clutch Covers
External Drives
Fuses & Capacitors
Hardware Kits
I/O Boards
I/O Cables
Laptop Keyboards
LCD Cables
LCD Display Assemblies
LCD Monitors
Logic Boards
Network Cards
Other Cables
Power Adapters
Power Cords
Tool Kits
Top Cases
Trackpad Cables

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